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Stag & Coo

The original BrawBags design - the one that started it all - will always be a sentimental favorite.  Simple. Iconic. Totally Scottish.  It continues to capture the BrawBags zeitgeist.

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Party Burns

One of the first - and still a solid favorite - BrawBags design. This is our loving ode to the Bard of Scotland, Robert Burns - a man whose life, loves and legacy pretty much sum up the live your best life ethos. Or, as it were in the Scots dialect - Gie it Laldy.

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Hip Coo

We recently read an article ranking the top Scottish wildlife to spot in the highlands and can you believe they didn't include this legend?! For our money, it just doesn't get more Scottish than a big 'ol shaggy Hairy Coo.  And, to emphasize our point, we've gone a little gansta with it. Scottish AF, y'all.

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Lady Boss

Our homage to Mary, Queen of Scots - the OG of badass, fierce lady boss legends. Fighting for her cause and country to the end. Haters gonna hate, Mary. But, we love you and you'll always be our Queen B.

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Yes Queen!

True, it's another Mary, Queen of Scots design. To be fair, we couldn't choose the best way to honor our marvelous we decided to produce both of them.

This rendition lovingly features a little USA sass (much like our own Scots-American marriage - just ask Steve about that). Yes Queen! is the ultimate You Go, Girl (or Guy).

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Braw Wee Dug

This special design features 2 of Sam's favorite Scots slang words - braw and wee. Oh, and it also features the cutest member of the BrawBags team, Stanley. Though he was born on American soil and immigrated over with Sam, Stanley wants you to know he feels 100% Scottish now...and it's not just the bold glengarry hat he's sporting in this fetching likeness.

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As Sam would tell you, one of the most interesting aspects of settling in Scotland as a non-Scot is learning to understand and use the unique lexicon. At the crossroads of the 3 languages spoken here - English, Gaelic and Scots - you'll find the most amazing ways to say quite ordinary things.  Case in point... you could say this design is awesome, but that just doesn't have the same ring as pure dead brilliant, does it?

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Naughty Tea

How does that motivational meme go? You may not be everyone's cup of tea, but you might be someone's shot of gin... Personally, we prefer to pop that shot of gin in the teacup and call it a day.

And, if gin isn't your tipple of choice... there are alternative versions of this design featuring whisky or prosecco.

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Alba Forever

Whether you are a born and bred Scot, an honorary Scot by marriage or someone who loves Scotland from near or far, there is a certain sense of pride that comes from living in or traveling to a country whose national animal is the unicorn.  The UNICORN, y'all. Scotland - Alba in the Gaelic language - is simply a magical place. This design is our love letter to the land we call home.

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The Duke

Finnieston Crane. City Chambers. SSE Hydro.  Kelvingrove Museum. The Necropolis... Of all the iconic Glasgow landmarks, our favourite has to be the Duke of Wellington. A whole city's collective vigil to keep that traffic cone on his head is downright inspiring.  In fact, we think The Duke and his everlasting cone transcends Glasgow proper and really is a perfect symbol for the sublime combination of playful humor and relatable determination of a whole nation.  Gaun Yersel, Scotland.

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Classy Burd

Some Scottish Grannies might say that "burd" isn't the most genteel label for a lady.  We're all about claiming it back and using it with a sense of pride and empowerment. Not to get all deep and meaningful, but we purposely chose a magpie for this design.  Did you know that magpies are are considered highly intelligent? They are one of the only non-mammal animals that can recognize themselves in reflection. They have a well developed vocabulary and are courageous in defending themselves. Magpies can represent risk-taking and personal growth. So, yeah, being called a burd ain't that bad after all.

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Bolt, Ya Rocket! Quite possibly the most adorably quirky way to essentially say go away, you idiot... and THAT right there is the beauty and brilliance of Scots slang. Enough said.

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Skeptical Nessie

A debate that can divide people in the way that "scone>jam>clotted cream" vs "scone>clotted cream> jam" can. The jury seems perpetually out on the Loch Ness Monster.

All we know is that Loch Ness is deeper than 10 football pitches laid end to end. It's filled with more water than all the other lochs in the whole of the UK combined. That's a lot of deep water for lurking in.

Perhaps it's not a case of do we believe in Nessie, but rather, does Nessie believe in us?

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