BrawBags Beta

Welcome to BrawBags "Beta" - a wee test kitchen, of sorts.

We have hunners of new design ideas and a wish list of potential products to create that's 500 miles long (yes, cheeky Proclaimers reference...and we're not sorry). But, because we are a small brand, we have to pace oorsels a wee bit.

We've decided to use some thoughtfully chosen Print on Demand platforms as a way to test new designs and products with an eye to adding elements to our permanent in-house collection.

**Fine Print - With POD we don't have the process control that we do with our own in-house collection. Our manufactured in UK and ethical production promises can't always apply, so we do not make those claims about these items. When a test design or item makes the cut for our in-house collection, we will take great care to source in the UK and to select the most ethically produced items possible.**


BrawBags on RedBubble

Our RedBubble collection includes T-shirts, notebooks, water bottles, ceramic mugs and more. Fave designs and some brand new designs, too.

BrawBags on TeePublic

Our TeePublic collection includes T-shirts, hoodies, baby onesies, stickers, magnets, and more. Fave designs and some brand new designs, too.

Say Haw

Have a question about BrawBags? Want to tell us how awesome we are? Own a shop and want to stock our braw products? Drop us a note and say haw!